Generating traffic is an important aspect of internet presence. From blogs to websites to videos, traffic is what determines whether it will thrive or not. What is it? Search engine optimization is all about optimizing results to help it show up on the first page of a search engine. Right from Google to Bing to Yahoo, search engines display results based on what they think is special about a page. It does this based on the keywords that have been mentioned.

One of the biggest advantages of being SEO friendly is generating traffic. You have to direct traffic towards your content in order to make your efforts worthwhile.
Commercial companies who sell products and services will especially benefit from search engine optimization as they can attract more number of buyers.

Brand value will increase as people invest faith in search engines such as google and Yahoo. If your content shows up on the first page then people are more likely to click on it.
Since nothing is charged, it is one of the cheapest advertising tools in the market. All you have to do is type in a few words that are sure to get you ahead in the game.
What’s more, SEO results are permanent! They are not going to disappear just because you forgot to pay for them. Your result will stay in place if you optimize it well.

SEO tips
The concept of SEO has been around for long. Although traditional SEO concepts still hold good, it is important to adopt some new techniques to remain in the game.
• Make sure you focus more on what the customer is looking for. Don’t make it too much about focus keywords and focus more on brand value
• Link your content to other related content. Link it with trustworthy sites that people frequent

It is a must for any business to adopt SEO to stay on top!