Accident on a construction site responsibilities and procedures

Accident on a building site: responsibilities and procedures

The occurrence of’an accident on a building site implies taking responsibility and taking steps to prevent it. This type of situation is regulated by laws and standards that should be taken into account. However, preventive measures are necessary to anticipate risky situations on the building sites.

They concern both the safety of the workers and the employer.

Security equipment: what is the best way to protect your property?’the importance of preventing an accident on a building site ?

As a master builder, you have the’s or employers&#8217 work, you have the’obligation to’to ensure the safety of your workers. This requires a meticulous control of the respect and the follow-up of the rules related to the construction works. The same is true for those related to preventive measures related to risks on a construction site. For this purpose, it is necessary to provide workers with reliable safety equipment.

In this case, it is necessary to note the’The importance of fall protection netting on a construction site.

The safety net, an essential anti-fall device

The anti-fall net is presented as a mesh device made of polypropylene. You have a’a variety of formats in terms of the choice to be made. To choose an appropriate fall protection net, you can take into account several criteria.

It is’The material from which it is made, the weight, but also the shape, the diameter and the size of the meshes count. In general, square and diamond-shaped meshes are used for this type of net.

It is possible to provide your workers on construction sites with custom-made fall protection nets. You can use a professional protection net specialist to benefit from the best quality’a quality product It is important to have a company that will meet the specific needs of the construction site. This safety device is characterized by its resistance. C’is of’The most important thing is that the structure is declared, which makes it an ideal protection material on a construction site.

These anti-fall nets must meet the standards NF EN 1263-1 or NF P93-355 to be reliable.

The functions of this site equipment

To minimize the risk of’If there is an accident on a construction site, the fall arrest net is appropriate. Indeed, s’adapted to high constructions. As such, it ensures the protection of workers in case of falls. It allows to’The law in relation to the Labour Code states: “To avoid damage of any kind’health problems such as injuries, fractures, etc. Its operating principle is indeed very simple.

It is placed at a certain height from the ground in order to reduce the fall distance of workers or objects. In this way the’impact is less, or even non-existent.

What are the risks linked to construction work? ?

L’The importance of preventive measures is more perceptible with an assessment of the risks involved’accident on a building site. The multiple existing possibilities are as follows.

The unfinished installations

Accidents on a construction site can be caused by improper handling of the source of energy’electrical energy. In the’lack of’appropriate safety equipment, electrocutions occur quite easily. This is of particular importance’The impact is less, or even non-existent, when the work is not related to a specific activity’an expertise in the matter.


They concern not only the persons, but also the working tools. For constructions at heights during periods of high risk, the following measures must be taken’bad weather, accidents are numerous. A state of fatigue, badly positioned equipment are also to be taken into account’In this case, the origin of the falls on the building sites.

Incorrectly placed work tools, rubble, etc’collapses on BTP professionals sometimes.

Improper handling of equipment and tools

C’is the category of injuries caused by a badly used hammer for example, or a badly aimed point. A wrongly oriented or positioned machine can create an accident on a construction site. The transport of heavy materials is to be avoided’The origin of the various illnesses that can worsen in the workers.

The same is true for deafening noises, which are uncomfortable for the worker’hearing.

Qu’hat about the responsibilities in case of an accident on a construction site? ?

In order to determine the responsibilities, it is necessary to consider specific situations.

Construction work carried out by a company declared to be in the public interest

In general, the’evolution of’a construction site relies on workers delegated by a construction company. It can be’act d’a private individual or a company’a local company of the place. The most important thing is that the structure is declared. Thus, the law in relation to the Labor Code stipulates the following:

  • the master builder’It must be used to protect workers in case of a fall’First, ensure the safety of the workers deployed on a construction site;
  • These provisions are essential for the good progress of the construction work For construction at heights during periods of time, the following measures must be taken
  • the safety measures to prevent accidents on a construction site are mandatory.

If the’If the company fails to comply with the legislation, it is responsible for the occurrence of injuries’an accident. In this case, the’In general, the construction company’s insurance covers the workers concerned. Of course, this remains conditioned by the effective declaration of the work on your site. Also, it is necessary that the’The company has a’a civil liability insurance.

Insofar as this company has a’If the accident is not reported, you become systematically responsible for any complications that arise.

A voluntary association in the framework of a project’a construction site

If you partner with neighbors or family, potential construction site accidents will be at your expense. In general, you have responsibilities as a project manager’work. D’First, ensure the safety of the workers deployed on a site’it s’in case of large-scale construction works, you must notify the authorities.

They are able to issue you with the necessary authorizations to carry out your project.

They have the necessary means to provide you with safety devices. Also, it is recommended to take out a damage insurance – work. This will cover material damage caused during construction work.

What are the steps to follow to face incidents on a construction site? ?

In a first step, the’worker must put his employer (the’company) of his accident, and this within 24 hours except agency. Subsequently, it will benefit from’a medical certificate after a thorough examination. As for the’s business, it has the’The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone Pro Max have also been given their own new colors, which means that they are now obliged to provide the construction professional with an information sheet’accident.

Finally, This one will declare the’accident with the CPAM (Caisse Primaire d’Health Insurance).

In case of’In the event of an accident on a construction site, the responsibilities vary from one company to another’a situation to the’other. They can be part of the’In the event of an accident, the construction company consulted or the construction supervisor must be informed’work. To prevent the risks of accidents, the’accident, safety measures are useful.

Thus, the’The use of fall protection nets is an example of this.