IPhone 7 the Rolls of the phones

IPhone 7: the Rolls of the phones

Every year, almost at the same time, Apple comes back with a new iPhone to offer us. Always more modern, always ahead and revolutionary, these phones never cease to surprise us. In 2016, the iPhone 7 and its Plus version are a hit.

Since then, the model remains unmatched both by its design and its quality.

The model of the extreme

A literal evolution of the iPhone 6 released in 2014, the 7 explores new features and takes a previously discussed project to its conclusion. No more mini-Jack plug, touch-sensitive central button, certified waterproofing, the transformation has been done slowly but effectively. Presented as the model of the 10 years of the iPhone, expectations were high, so the preparation was precise and demanding.

The Californian firm does not stop there since this model, like the previous one, is proposed in two forms: the classic and the Plus. Only the size changes, from 4.7 inches to 5.5, while remaining HD.

Even if it seems identical to its predecessor when you look at it, the iPhone 7 is indeed waterproof: it can go down to a depth of one meter and that for a duration of 30 minutes max. The IP67 certification will assure you that the splashes that make the system buggy are totally over.

In addition, it was expected for a long time at Apple and it finally happened: the iPhone 7 is equipped with an optical stabilization on the main camera. Enough to convince, so.

Broken prices

Two years later, this phone is still on the market and delights all those who tried it. That’s why more and more websites offer them at low prices. Marketed at the time at an indicative price of €769 and can go up to €989 depending on the storage capacity, it can now be found online between €400 and €500. The savings to be made are significant.

More and more sites are offering promotions for this smartphone whose sales are not decreasing. If the release price has demotivated many, these new offers should give a chance to the more cautious.

The only problem is that the model with 256 GB of storage is no longer sold and stocks are very limited. It is therefore necessary to rush to the offers that are constantly flourishing at the moment, all of which come from destocking.