Real estate agencies and if you test the augmented reality

Real estate agencies: what if you test the augmented reality ?

If you are at the head of a real estate agency, you will have to do everything you can’As a real estate agency, it is normal to do everything you can to protect your business Boost your turnover’business. However, had you thought of using the digital world ? And when we talk about digital here, we are not talking about classified ads on the Internet, or about a payment order addressed to the other party’a website… We are talking about immersing your customers in the digital world, to the’help of’an augmented reality software ! Explanations.

How can augmented reality help in the’real estate ?

Most of the time, when you are a real estate agent, you are faced with two types of clients: those who are able to project themselves and those who are not ! Unfortunately, these are in the majority, and it does not help to increase your sales’It is not uncommon to have to redouble one’s efforts in order to obtain a loan’efforts to help them. And if the ultimate solution was in augmented reality ? Indeed, with this technology you can immerse the customer in his future home by customizing it as much as possible to his taste (this is the most important thing)’It’s a bit like the home staging of digital ^^)!

Let’s take a concrete example to illustrate this: you have to sell a property to be renovated. C’The creation of a new company is a complex matter since it is not possible to register the company’it does not’It is not always easy to’imagine how it will be once the work is finished… With the augmented reality software, you can then immerse your customer in the future. How ? By using either a virtual reality headset, either a simple smartphone or tablet.

C’is certainly easier with a tablet, the customer takes it in his hands and turns the cursor on it’He can see what it looks like around him: the decoration, the work, even people can be added ! Thus, the property is not’If you are in charge of a property that is not to be renovated at all in this reality, and you can sell it more easily.

Of course, even if this technology helps you greatly to increase your sales, Don’t forget the rest of the marketing, such as the creation of a new business’a blog on your site, in the’objective of’attract prospects.