How to define your customer

How to define your customer base ?

A company that wants to define its clientele generally goes through the creation of a persona. It is a marketing tool that helps to know precisely, the expectations of its customers, their needs, their behavior, and several other very important information. In the following, we suggest you discover the essentials to know in order to define your customer base and optimize your marketing strategy.

Why design a marketing persona to define your customers ?

For a company that wants to guarantee its development, the step that consists in define your customer base is not to be taken lightly. It is thanks to this method that you will be able to know precisely to whom you address your products or services. You will be able to adapt accordingly to improve your marketing campaigns and the quality of your offers.

The best way to do this is to create a marketing persona. Why ? Simply because it is the best solution to know the target of a company. This tool makes it possible to segment the company’s potential clientele, according to their typology, in order to better understand their buying behavior and their needs.

More specifically, a marketing persona can help you make decisions about designing a new product or service. It helps you to :

  • Communicate and share a common vision
  • Synthesize in a document all the ideas resulting from the interviews, prospecting and observations of the target
  • Create empathy for users even those who seem unreachable.

Thus, once you manage to create a complete persona with all the necessary information about your target, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits

  • Optimization of the customer’s buying journey
  • An optimized natural referencing, with content that is both effective and of real interest to the customer
  • More precise targeting thanks to a better knowledge of the audience
  • An improvement of the conversion rate on your web pages
  • The creation of an editorial line much more adapted to your audience
  • Improving the customer experience, etc.

If you don’t know how to go about it, this downloadable persona should help you get a clear idea of what to do.

Why design a marketing persona to define your customers?

How to understand the expectations and needs of your customers ?

Successfully designing a persona means first and foremost understanding the expectations and needs of your customers. To achieve this, you will need a team of sales agents who are good at prospecting. They will be able to ask customers and prospects, in order to know them better. Among the questions to ask during such an operation we find :

  • What is your age ?
  • How much revenue do you have? ?
  • What are your consumption habits ?
  • What is your family situation ?
  • How often do you use digital tools ?
  • What are your objectives ?
  • What are your needs or issues ?
  • What are the challenges you face ?
  • What tools do you use to learn about the company’s products or those of the competition ?
  • Are you a decision maker in your company? ?
  • Are you in a position of responsibility? ?
  • What are your expectations regarding the product the company offers ?
  • What would make you choose the company’s products over the competition’s? ?
  • What prevents you from buying a product that might interest you ?

Why is it important to know your target ?

It is important for any company that wants to grow to Knowing your target audience, because it is thanks to this information that the company will be able to adapt its products and services according to their needs. Knowing your target well also allows you to anticipate their needs, and if possible create new offers that would be more likely to interest them.

In this way, you increase your chances of making sales, and you contribute to the growth of your turnover’business. In other words, the knowledge of the target is a way like another to promote the development of the company.

To sum up, creating a persona is simply the best way for a company to define its customer base.