How to choose a switchboard for your business

How to choose a switchboard for your business ?

With the rise of technological progress and the digital transformation of our work environments, the choice of corporate telephony is becoming a strategic issue. More and more, business professionals need not only to communicate with each other, but also to stay in touch with their customers in order to improve their performance. To this extent, the switchboard is the ideal solution for both start-ups and large companies for a successful marketing strategy. However, the ultimate question that undoubtedly continues to be asked is how to successfully choose this switchboard.

In this article, we will review with you the different criteria to consider when choosing a switchboard for your company.

The switchboard: what is it? ?

The switchboard is a An essential tool for communication in a company. Traditionally called PABX, the switchboard is used to connect the internal telephone lines to the external telephone network in order to manage calls. To tell the truth, it is a reflection of the company, because it allows to assign to each position a certain number of functions for example a personalized telephone reception, redirecting external and internal calls to one or more predefined, etc. It also ensures management of VoIP, internet telephony. Faced with its impending role in business communication, it is important to ask: Which of the switchboards will best meet your company’s expectations ?

What are the aspects to take into account when choosing your switchboard ?

Today, the switchboard is of paramount importance for the achievement of a company’s objectives. However, in terms of business telephony, it is of great necessity that your choice reflects the ambitions you have set for yourself. Thus, several criteria must be taken into account when choosing your switchboard.

Internal or outsourced switchboard

The first difficulty one faces when choosing a professional telephone system is the type of installation required. Indeed, the switchboard can be internal to the company or outsourced. The internal switchboard is a type of switchboard physically installed in the premises

In this case, it is imperative to agree initially an important investment to buy the material and to fit out the premises. To this must also be added no maintenance costs for the equipment.

On the other hand, in the case where the telephone switchboard is outsourced, it is hosted by an external service company. The latter makes its equipment and skills available to the company. There is therefore no heavy investment to make.

In addition, the installation, configuration and start-up of your switchboard are done in record time. In this case, we speak of an outsourced call center (centrex) and payment is made on the basis of a monthly subscription depending on the number of dedicated lines.

The definition of the appropriate technology

About the appropriate technology, two solutions are possible:

  • the switchboard can be connected to a traditional telephone network by a PBXprivate branch exchange. This standard designated by the acronym PABX (Private Automatic Branch eXchange) involves a Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).
  • the standard by voice over IP (VoIP) This type of switchboard designates a set of systems using broadband (ADSL, Fiber, etc.).) and internet to pass the information by the voice. Many more economical than PSTN, This type of technology allows the implementation of multiple features not less negligible for a good digital communication.

In other words, if the choice between a centerx and an internal switchboard depends on the investment capacities and the needs of the company, it is however clear that the IP voice solution is preferable to the analog one.