4 sustainable materials for more ecological POP displays

4 sustainable materials for more ecological POP displays

Driven by changing consumer habits and voluntary sustainable commitments, companies’ environmental concerns are spreading to all aspects of the contemporary economy. From the design of products to the optimization of transport, through the printing of catalogs or the manufacture of POS elements, no sector escapes the green wave.

At the initiative of Popai, the professionals of the marketing point of sale have developed an innovative approach of eco-design of the PLV. With a dozen criteria in mind, it focuses on all aspects of the life cycle of these in-store promotional materials. One of the best practices identified consists in using a unique and recyclable material for the manufacture of POP displays. Here are 4 sustainable materials that perfectly meet this requirement


Durable material and recycling par excellence, metal offers moreover an excellent resistance and many possibilities of use. By adopting metal displays for stores, your brand is sure to be valued in the sales area thanks to a permanent display of quality, original and personalized that does not fade after a few days.

Recycled cardboard

In a growing circular economy, it is essential to find ways to recover the materials collected and sorted. The use of recycled cardboard reduces the environmental footprint of its POP displays. This strong environmental choice is not necessarily accompanied by a compromise on the rendering of your supports.

Today’s printing techniques allow you to customize them with style.

The corrugated cardboard of grass

Initially reserved for food packaging, corrugated cardboard is now used in promotional displays. Made from recycled paper (70%) and grass pellets (30%), this environmentally friendly material makes it possible to use the by-products of green spaces that were previously composted or incinerated.

The bioplastic

Bioplastic materials are now mature and are about to invade the market. Made from plants or algae, these fully recyclable materials are strong and durable alternatives to petrochemical-based compounds.

Adopting one of these four materials is a good start to implementing your transformation to green POS. To perfect your strategy, adopt eco-design for your point-of-sale promotional materials.