3 key points to keep in mind for good storytelling

3 key points to keep in mind’s spirit for good storytelling

In the midst of the noise and saturation of messages, storytelling has become the most important part of storytelling’One of the few ways brands and companies can attract the attention of the public is to create a story’You need to pay attention and stand out from the crowd. Telling a story, and telling it well, is the key to success’one of the ways to position yourself against your competitors, to stand out and above all to capture the attention of the audience’attention of consumers, to convey the message that companies want to share.

The keys to’Good storytelling

But storytelling doesn’Good storytelling is not easy and good storytelling involves understanding what makes them unique and what allows consumers to connect with them’get in touch with them. D’In a way, one could say that it’s not the case’there are some recipes that help to better position the stories and content of brands. Based on what they remember in a FastCompany analysis, three of these key points can be identified to build a good story.

Creating the’anticipation

This point is perhaps easiest to understand and see if you think of a novel or a movie. What surprises us’first, it is the’It is the promise that something will happen’s analysis. C’That is, when the’s story begins, it does so with something that captures the other side of the story’attention of those who are in the business’other side. C’is a warning that something is going to happen. As they do’explain in the’analysis of FastCompany, In stories, this is the case’is important because the audience wants to know where it is going.

They have to anticipate what is going on because it will work much better in terms of the market’commitment.

Of course, creating this anticipation and showing where things are going does not necessarily mean limiting everything or spoiling the ending. You have to figure out how to tie them up and pick them up at the end and make sure that they’re in the right place’story flows like this until it is too late’s when it goes’complete. C’is the key to great stories.

Stories have a personal touch

In the’analysis of FastCompany what makes a good story’a story becomes a great story, they are very much oriented towards storytelling applied to speeches, speeches or executive presentations at conferences, even in speeches to potential clients. In all these scenarios, they remember, make the’It’s a personal story, telling something that has been experienced by others’In the midst of the noise and saturation of messages, storytelling has become one of the ways to position yourself in front of your audience.

C’This is part of the reason, they explain, why it changes the way we construct the story’History. When the’s story’When a story is told to another person, we tend to focus on the process of telling the story, for example, by using the right words. When you tell your own story, it’s the experiences that count.

But this point is not’is not only applicable here. In fact, it’is a very important lesson of storytelling in general. Because the stories that work, the ones that have an impact on those who receive them, are the ones that are personal on some level with them. This does not necessarily mean that consumers/recipients need to be aware of the story’identify with the story’story because’it s’They are able to connect with their story, but it works because it is the promise that something will happen’they are able to’make a personal connection with it.

They are able to connect with them on some level’This does not necessarily mean that consumers/receivers need to be more direct, unique and human with what they are told’we tell them.

Keep it short. Be direct in your statement

L’One of the problems that new writers often face is that they have to learn how to write’is that’they “fuck up the’air” too often. Their stories are unnecessarily complicated and their narration is cumbersome. C’is a common problem of second floors and their construction. It is assumed that the fact that the customer is not the owner of the Internet box’It is important to use complex terms or to complicate the process’story aggravates the’history.

C’is an error.

For the story to work, you need to go to the’essential. It is important to be brief and to the point, which is even more important when what you are doing is’This is even more important when what you’re telling is a brand story or a story about the company’we are talking about’a company. Overthinking and overcomplicating things, it’s not easy’is simply to make the’consumer attention much less clear and lost.

You will most likely end up disconnecting from the’history.