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How to activate parental controls in Discord ?

Unlike some Play Store applications, the Discord VoIP software does not have true parental controls. However, you can change the security and privacy settings to protect your children and teenagers. This solution allows you to limit access to adult content.

You can also restrict exchanges with unwanted users.

Qu’is the parental control in Discord ?

Despite the lack of parental protection, you can manage your child’s Discord profile settings to ensure their safety. One of the important elements in this process is data privacy. The program allows you to choose the information used and stored by the chat service:

  • Open the mobile application and go to the ” ” menu Settings “. To access them, press the button in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Then click on the ” Privacy and security “. A list with toggles will appear on the window.
  • Deactivate all the options that you think are disturbing or even abusive for a child.

You can also consider using the 2FA (two-factor authentication) to control the use of Discord. The account will be inaccessible without a password and an authentication code (Discord Auth / Backup Code). To use this option :

  • Open the settings,
  • Click on ” Account “,
  • Then click on ” Activate the’two-factor authentication “.
  • The VoIP service will prompt you to install an authentication application on your phone.
  • Click on ” Next In any case, the Keep Me Safe interface is simple and easy to use… “, launch the tool and enter the 2FA code on your cell phone to perform the pairing.
  • Finally, enter on the Discord interface the authentication code generated by the application.

How to block explicit content in Discord ?

How to block explicit content in Discord?

You have the possibility to Block explicit content on Discord by performing a few simple steps. To begin with, run the software on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS… This cross-platform program can actually work on any connected device, from iPad to cell phone to Android tablets.

This service is also accessible via any web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.).). In any case, theinterface remains simple and easy to user when you want to join a server. In addition, the main window and the options keep more or less the same configurations regardless of the tool used.

Once the application is open:

  • Click on the gear icon to access the “Parental Controls” section Settings “. It is located near the name and avatar of the user, at the bottom left of the window.
  • Open the “Privacy” tab and security “ on this menu.
  • Then check the box ” Keep Me Safe “located under ” Safe Direct Messaging “.

Activate this feature to to systematically analyze and filter the content of the chat service. The software will automatically block any element identified as inappropriate, explicit or even pornographic. You will therefore be able to keep the user out of areas not suitable for children and teenagers.

Moreover, many chat rooms and other groups display the NSFW (Not safe for work) banner right away. Keep Me Safe will thus allow to systematically filter these discussions and the associated contents. Blocking will also apply to any content flagged as adult.

How to block unwanted communications in Discord ?

How do I block unwanted communications in Discord?

The parents can also restrict unwanted communications with the Privacy and security of Discord. Follow the previous instructions to open the Settings, then click on the line mentioned. Scroll down the list to get to the ” Privacy settings of the server “.

Open the tab, then click on the toggle to disable the Allow messages from server members option. From now on, users of this server will not be able to send PMs to your child. However, this setting will concern only new memberships.

It is not retroactively applicable to its current servers.

Despite this restriction, children can still participate in conversations in the server’s voice or text chat rooms. Indeed, the public exchanges are not covered by this setting. You can still limit who can send friend requests to your child’s user account.

Still in the Privacy and security menu, scroll down this time to the line ” Who can add you as a friend “. Deactivate all the options displayed to block all friend requests on the server. Users will now have to send friend requests to expand their community.

Finally, to to block a particular person, open your child’s friends list. This menu is located at the bottom left of the screen. Select the target profile, then click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the window.

Finally, press Block.