3 crucial steps to limit fire damage

3 crucial steps to limit the damage during a fire’a fire

A fire can devastate your premises, their contents but also your employees. This type of’The incident does not prevent and can therefore occur at any time. According to the’article L4121-1 of the labor code, and as a manager, you must be able to control the fire’In order to prevent the spread of fire, you must take “the necessary measures to ensure the safety and protect the physical and mental health of workers”. You must then prepare your staff in case there is a fire in your building.

This will allow them to’intervene as soon as possible and thus limit the damage.

Evacuate the premises

As soon as a fire starts’It is essential that the fire is not prevented’evacuate the premises. No one should be left in the company’inside. Train your employees in’evacuation s’is necessary to avoid that’If the business is not owned by you, you should train your employees to evacuate the premises’fire.

To do this, you must choose one of your employees to control each room when a fire occurs’it will be necessary to’evacuate.

Avoid the spread of fire

For the safety of people and property, your employees must be able to use a fire extinguisher. Indeed, it can take several minutes for the emergency services to arrive, so in order to contain the fire, some of your employees must be trained in the use of fire extinguishers’use of a fire extinguisher’such equipment. For this, a fire safety training course is necessary’is of utmost importance. They will then be able to facilitate the work of the firefighters once they are on site.

With this learning process, your employees will be able to limit the amount of money they have to pay’impact of the’This will allow you to avoid a fire in the shortest possible time.

Provide first aid

It is also essential to’have staff able to provide care to the injured, c’This is why some people need to know first aid. In the event of a fire’In the event of a fire or any other incident, every second, every minute is important, especially when the firefighters are not present’there are casualties. It is therefore necessary to provide first aid while waiting for the evacuation’It is also important to ensure the arrival of the emergency services, which can take a long time to arrive, sometimes because of a fire’They can modify, delete or add entries in the master server, for example, because the fire station is not close to the location of the event’fire.