4 good reasons to change your Internet box

4 good reasons to change your Internet box

The confinement gives rise to many changes in the life of the people. Some people have realized during these two months that their Internet offer was not adapted to their real needs’Some have realized during these two months that their Internet offer was not adapted to their real needs. Here are the 4 good reasons to change your box as soon as possible.

The flow

If you signed your contract a few years ago, you are probably in ADSL. In 2020, the optical fiber is everywhere and the requests are numerous. Indeed, the flow is 50 times faster and the price is lower’is not necessarily higher. Of course, you must first check if your home is eligible for fiber before finding the best internet box.

On the other hand, if there are many of you at home, everyone will be able to take advantage of this’If you have a good speed and watch programs in 4K / UHD quality, you can’t afford to pay for the service. The very high speed allows you to benefit from’options such as muti-screens but also to control the home automation.

The price

Today’Today, it is possible to compare the prices of different Internet providers’If you have a contract with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and want to find the best prices, you can compare the prices of the different Internet boxes. There are many promotions and offers and in most cases, the providers offer a promotion for the first year of use’subscription. Some even offer fixed price contracts.

The monthly payments remain the same after 12 months.

Tailor-made bouquets

In 2020, an Internet box will offer enriched content. In addition to the’If the delay does not justify the launch of new Internet access, fixed telephony and DTT channels, you will benefit from the payment’THD offer to enjoy the content that suits you. Generally, internet offers allow you to subscribe to paid services like OCS, Netflix, Canal, etc.

In addition, you will have access to themed packages such as sports, movies … In addition, these boxes can also contain additional offers such as video game channels, digital news services, etc.

Good plans and sponsorships

When you sign up for a subscription, you can take advantage of many discounts and savings. Indeed, some operators reimburse the cancellation fees of competitors and offer the connection fees of the optical fiber. Sometimes you can even get three months free and save 100 to 200 euros with these three offers combined. In addition, if you refer a loved one or if you are referred, you can get a month free.

If you do well, you can save more than’a hundred dollars’on your first year of’subscription, which does not’is not negligible.