5G operators enter the package war

5G: operators enter the war of packages

Free is the first operator to launch a paving stone in the pond: with the publication of a new version of the’In a humorous video covering all the theories related to the deployment of 5G, Xavier Niel announced the launch of the’commercial offer for Free’s 5G, with no price increase compared to 4G.

Tough competition

At today’The first 5G frequencies for French operators will be released in October, where the first 5G network will be launched’2.786 billion in total’euros, c’Orange had obtained the largest share of the cake: in total, the group has 90 MHz, against 80 MHz for SFR, and 70 MHz each for Bouygues Telecom and Free. Only, by proposing today’s arrival’With the cheapest offer on the market for 5G packages, less than ten euros per month, Free has just kicked the bucket again.

A very attractive price, which is a good example of how to be aware of the importance of 5G’It is astonishing given the size of the market’The investment needed to deploy the new frequency: it represents nearly three billion euros’cost for operators. Orange, for its part, which offers 5G packages up to’At about 80 euros per month, the operator emphasizes the quality of its network, but also the options granted according to the package subscribed. Faced with this tough competition, it is important for users to compare the offers of different operators to find a cheap package.

A new impetus for telephony

With the Covid-19 crisis, the French have changed their habits. With periods of confinement and the difficulty of seeing loved ones, the phone has been a real ally in the daily life’A key tool for maintaining a social life. But it has also become a real everyday ally, with the boom in mobile application downloads.

C’is a social and entertaining object. It is’elsewhere recommended by experts to clean its equipment on a regular basis, to avoid any risk of contamination. With the’With the arrival of 5G, operators are promising great things for the future’for the future of mobile telephony.

The start-up is very smooth, with, for the’moment, a few tens of thousands of people switching to 5G. This n’This is just the beginning of this new era, which promises increased throughput but also better connectivity and a big reduction in energy consumption’energy. As such’s, for example, to become aware of the’With 4G, an 800 MB movie takes 40 seconds to download, with 5G, it only takes 10 seconds’a single second. This last one allows speeds ten times faster than the previous generation.