Simple effective Bbox messaging

Bbox messaging: simple & efficient

Many Bouygues customers feel lost when using Bbox messaging. What exactly is it about ? How to set it up and view your Bouygues Telecom mail ? Is it possible to create secondary email addresses and forward your old emails to your Bbox mailbox ? So many questions that need to be answered. Read on to find out more.

What’Is the Bbox ?

Subscribers who have opted for a Bbox offer automatically get a Bouygues Telecom messaging system. Following the implementation of the Bouygues mail service, an email address ending with messaging is also provided to them. It is now possible to take full advantage of Bbox messaging, regardless of the medium used. From your tablet or smartphone, all you need to do is to download the’Bouygues Espace client application.

If you log in from your PC, just go to your Customer Area. The messaging offered by Bouygues Telecom has many features that allow you to :

  • To check your emails at any time. In addition, a notification is sent to you in real time to let you know when you receive a new e-mail.
  • To easily manage your Bouygues Telecom messaging. Indeed, you can send, delete, forward or reply to an email, etc.
  • To access in a few clicks to the management space of your files, including sent, received or unwanted emails. You also have access to the recycle garbage can to see or recover deleted emails.
  • Log out and connect to your secondary Bbox mailboxes using the right identifiers.
  • Personalize your emails by using predefined signatures depending on the account used (primary or secondary) and the recipient.
  • To view attachments and save them.

To take full advantage of your Bouygues Telecom mailbox, you just need to have access to the Internet, regardless of the operator (ADSL, SFR…).

Configure your Bbox mailbox

The steps to follow to configure the Bbox email software vary according to the medium used.

Configuration on PC

To proceed with the configuration of the Bouygues Telecom email software, simply set up :

  • The type of account: IMAP (to access mail and synchronize folders directly on the server) or POP3 (to check your mail without an internet connection);
  • The username based on the email address, followed or not by “@bbox.en ” ;
  • The password of the Bbox mailbox;
  • The incoming mail server, then the outgoing mail server.

It is important to note that Internet access is required if you choose the IMAP server, regardless of the offer (fiber optic Internet box or other).

Configuration on cell phone

Here is the procedure to follow to configure the Bbox email software on your mobile:

  1. Go to the Bouygues Telecom User Guide page before filling in the details of your smartphone by selecting the brand and model;
  2. Go to the “e-mails” section and click on “Add or modify an e-mail account”;
  3. Enter your login details (email address and password);
  4. Go to the “configuration parameters” page.

A Bouygues user guide is displayed on the screen to guide you, but here is the necessary configuration for the settings:

  • SMTP: server name (smtp.bbox.en), port (587) and use (SSL) ;
  • IMAP: server name (, port (993) and use (SSL);
  • POP3: server name (pop3.bbox.en), port (995) and usage (SSL).

According to the notices left by the customers, if problems appear after having followed these steps, the problem could come from a failure of the server. Just try again after a few minutes.

How to see your Bbox mailbox ?

If you want to see your Bbox mailbox from your PC, just go to your Customer Area. From your mobile, after downloading the Bouygues Espace client application, here are the steps to follow to check your Bbox emails:

  1. Launch the mobile application;
  2. Select the heading “My lines”;
  3. Click on your Bbox line;
  4. Go to “My owned services” and select “Email”.

You now have access to your Bouygues Telecom mailbox at any time.

How to create several email addresses ?

It is possible to create secondary Bbox mail addresses, but the number is limited to 9.

  1. Go to the Bouygues Telecom Customer Area by clicking on “My mailbox” and enter your identifiers;
  2. Click on the envelope icon at the top right of the screen;
  3. Press on “Options” which appears in the navigation bar, then on “Configuration”;
  4. Click on “Manage my email addresses”, then on “Manage” and on “Create an account”;
  5. Fill in the identity of the secondary account holder (first and last name) ;
  6. Choose a password and click again on “Create account” to validate.

To create secondary e-mail addresses, make sure you have access to your Bbox’s Internet connection, via Ethernet cable or WiFi. If you want to do this on your phone, you can use your Bouygues mobile plan.

How to transfer your old emails to your Bbox mailbox ?

To transfer emails from another external address to your Bouygues Telecom mailbox, here’s how to proceed:

  1. Click on “My mailbox” to go to the Bouygues Telecom Customer Centre;
  2. Click on the “Options” section located in the left column of the Bbox mailbox;
  3. Click on “Mail options”, on “External mailboxes” and on “Declare an address”;
  4. Enter the external email address and the password used on it;
  5. Let us guide you by following the steps specified in detail.

The process remains the same, regardless of the external email address: Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

Bbox mailbox: how to change your password ?

You want to change the password of your Bbox mailbox ? Please note that it is the same as the one used on the Bouygues Telecom Customer Centre. So, to change it, here is how to proceed :

  1. Click on the “My mailbox” section to go to the Bouygues Telecom Customer Centre;
  2. Click on the blue thumbnail where your first name appears;
  3. Press on “Disconnect”;
  4. Once the connection form appears, click on the “Forgot your password” button at the bottom of the screen;
  5. Fill in your username and your last name (or the last name of the line holder), a verification code will be sent to you;
  6. Click on ” I validate “.

You will then be taken to a page where you can reset your password. To do this, you must enter :

  • L’The ID of the Bbox account holder and his last name;
  • The cell phone number (for Bouygues mobile subscribers);
  • The 10-digit line number for customers who have subscribed to the Bouygues Telecom Box 4G offer.

The above procedure concerns the change of the password of your main Bbox mailbox. For your secondary account, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Log in to your main account;
  2. Click on the “My mailbox” section to go to the Bouygues Telecom Customer Centre;
  3. Click on “Create and manage my e-mail addresses”;
  4. Click on the email address whose password you want to change;
  5. Follow the steps mentioned above from the third step.

How to retrieve your Bbox connection information ?

You can no longer connect to your Bouygues Telecom mailbox ? This means that the ID you entered is incorrect due to a typing error. As a reminder, this is your email address, but without the “@bbox” part.en ” It is also possible that the operator is experiencing an outage or a network problem. You are still unable to access it, even after a few attempts ? You probably forgot your login information. If you are sure that the login you entered is correct, it means that the problem comes from a wrong password. To remedy this, simply follow the steps described above.

It is also recommended to use a password manager. This is a tool designed to record this sensitive data in a secure manner. Thus, you can access your account in a few clicks.

If the problem concerns a wrong identifier, here are the steps to follow to recover it:

  1. Go to the Bouygues Telecom Customer Area;
  2. Click on the “My offer and my options” section;
  3. Click on “Manage and set up the line”, then on “Personal information”.

At the end of these steps, all the information related to your Bbox email account will be displayed on the screen. It is also good to note that your Bbox mail identifier is mentioned in the confirmation mail that was sent to you after your subscription. You can also find it on your Bbox bills.

To avoid forgetting your identifiers or making a mistake the next time you connect to your Bouygues Telecom mailbox, simply save them. To do this, check the “Remember me” box and that’s it.

The additional and paying options of the Bbox messaging service

In order to provide comprehensive services that meet the needs of customers, the telecommunications operator Bouygues Telecom offers paid options on its Bbox messaging system, including :

The “E-mail capacity extension” option

The default storage space of the Bbox mailbox offered by the operator is limited to 1 GB. The sending capacity is 10 MB. By opting for the storage extension option, the storage capacity of the main mailbox will be 5 GB.

This offer is available for 2 €/month. To activate it, simply :

  1. Go to the Bouygues Telecom Customer Area;
  2. Access the “My offer and my options” section;
  3. Click on “See all available options.

The “fax to email” option

Thanks to this option without commitment, you can send and receive faxes from your Bouygues Telecom mailbox. The operation is possible to all destinations specified in the Bbox offer. To take advantage of this offer, you must plan a budget of 3 €/month.

According to customer reviews, this option is useful for both individuals and professionals.