How to improve the SEO of your PrestaShop Euresa System store

How to improve the SEO of your PrestaShop store ?

To get traffic and increase sales, an online store must have visibility. Specifically, it is necessary that it appears in the first results of search engines like Google. If you have used PrestaShop to create your online store, you can intervene on several aspects to enable it to obtain a good natural referencing.

L’On-site optimization on PrestaShop

Aiming to improve the ranking of a site on Google or any other search engine and to generate traffic, on-site optimization focuses on the elements of the site concerned. It is also called on-page optimization. If you have created your online store with PrestaShop, you should know that this CMS integrates tools that allow you to configure basic SEO factors such as URLs, the robots file.txt, breadcrumb trail as well as reviews and comments.

There are also SEO tips on PrestaShop thanks to which you can improve the loading speed of your online store. It is necessary to choose an optimized PrestaShop theme. Specifically, it must load quickly to avoid your site being downgraded in the search results of Google and others.

The PrestaShop theme for its natural referencing must also be responsive so that the consultation of your site is possible, whatever the support used.

It is also essential to switch your site to https. The use of this secure protocol is indeed taken into account by the Google algorithm for natural referencing. This search engine favors secure sites.

Also think about managing the content of your online store. The content created by PrestaShop is duplicated. To avoid being penalized by Google, you should use the content management and indexing optimization modules of the CMS. In addition to the SEO modules on PrestaShop Addons, you can indeed use :

  • The Advanced Search 4 module which automatically generates unique pages;
  • The Duplicate Content module that automatically de-indexes duplicate content and allows to update the robots file.txt ;
  • The No Index Premium module which guarantees a total control of your content and allows you to customize the indexing of your pages.

Finally, you will have to work on your meta titles to benefit from a better natural referencing as well as your meta descriptions to increase the click rate. PrestaShop provides you with a tool called catalog evaluation to work on your metadata.

L’Off-site optimization on PrestaShop

L’SEO improvement on PrestaShop is also done through the’off-site optimization. Also called off-page optimization, it consists in developing the notoriety of a site by reinforcing the incoming external links (backlinks). These are part of the factors taken into account by search engines like Google to determine the referencing of a site.

Give priority to quality over quantity. The links pointing to your online store must be placed on a site with the same theme and the same language. If you do not respect the quality criteria of the SEO links, you risk being penalized.

Your site will then appear at the bottom of the search engine results page.

To acquire backlinks, you can use netlinking. This technique consists in generating external links on sites with the same theme and with a good reputation. It is important to note that Google favors natural links over artificial links. Linkbaiting is another technique to acquire backlinks.

It’s all about naturally capturing external links through methods such as publishing user reviews, surveys or organizing contests.

Use an SEO consultant

In addition to being an arduous task, theSEO optimization on PrestaShop requires a lot of time. It is therefore preferable to entrust it to an expert. The SEO consultant is a choice interlocutor. This professional has the skills required to increase the visibility of your store of’e-commerce.

He will help you to benefit from quality backlinks that the algorithm of Google or any other search engine will take into consideration. Concretely, he will control beforehand the links pointing to your online store and will set up a strategy of netlinking and delinkbaiting meeting your needs.

Calling on an SEO consultant

The intervention of an SEO consultant will begin with a study of your marketing universe. It consists, among other things, in understanding your activity, determining the keywords that can increase your visibility and performing a competitive analysis. He will then carry out an audit of your referencing. At the same time, obstacles will be identified and a roadmap will be established. The consultant will build your SEO strategy from this document.

It will accompany you throughout its implementation.

How to choose an SEO agency in Paris ?

SEO agencies, or natural referencing, have quickly become indispensable for companies. Indeed, a company that sells products online or presents its services via its website must absolutely be visible. It must even appear in the first search results to have chances to see its website consulted. D’where the’interest d’a good referencing. You can click here to find a SEO agency in Paris that will meet all your needs.

This comparator analyzes the quality of service and benefits of all SEO agencies in Paris.

You will then have the’assurance to find a quality agency through this comparator. And n’Don’t hesitate to choose one that guarantees you the best SEO optimization on PrestaShop’to be in the results of the first page of Google search. Internet users rarely go beyond the first page in their searches and if you want to have traffic on your site, you will have to appear in the first searches.

Agencies will know how to find the targets that concern you and put your site forward via keywords and other information’other referencing techniques such as Netlinking, for example.