How to find a decennial insurance if you are terminated

Construction: how to find a ten-year insurance policy if you are terminated ?

L’decennial insurance is a mandatory contract for builders in the construction industry. However, it happens that for one reason or another, your insurer cancels your contract. As you cannot operate without a ten-year guarantee, you are required to take out a ten-year insurance policy’contract another one.

Only, it is sometimes difficult when’you are terminated to find a new decennial insurance contract’insurance. Here are some tips for covering your business.

Take out a new ten-year insurance policy online

When your insurer cancels your contract for any reason, your priority should be to’obtaining a new ten-year insurance policy as soon as possible. Indeed, you will have difficulties to find a new insurer if you remain for a long time without decennial insurance. To meet this time constraint, there is nothing better than taking out a ten-year insurance policy online.

It is more accessible, quicker to contract and offers interesting terms and conditions, even for those who are terminated.

If your insurance has just expired, you will need to’If you want to cancel your policy, click here and ask quickly a quote for a ten-year insurance policy. L’online insurance for canceled builder offers several advantages, including the reduction of delays. Depending on the insurance company’If you are looking for insurance, it takes about 4 hours on average to get a quote for your new insurance.

Then, the’The entire procedure is done online.

Indeed, from the provision of receipts to the signing of the contract, you don’t have to worry about the environmental impact of your products’You don’t have to go anywhere. All you need to do is provide the signed estimate, your proof of insurance and your insurance certificate’experience as a builder in the construction industry, your bank details, your INSEE form, etc. Then, allow 24 hours at the most for the’a contract proposal is submitted to you.

As long as the conditions are right for you, you can sign it.

As a general rule, online decennial insurance is known for its very affordable rates. These flexible rates s’also apply to terminated builders. You don’t have to’So you won’t have to worry about the overall cost of your new contract.

Best of all, you get the most out of your insurance’other advantages such as’Other advantages are the absence of file fees, the monthly payment without fees and the possibility to cover several activities.

Terminated builder, ten-year insurance

Criteria for choosing a ten-year insurance policy

While online underwriting is an option for finding a new decennial policy to terminate, there are d’other possibilities. You can :

  • use the services of a broker,
  • use a comparison tool’decennial insurance online,
  • contact physical insurers specializing in insurance for terminated builders,
  • go through the Central Office of Rating (BCT).

It doesn’t matter what you choose’The most important thing is to take into account certain criteria. They reduce the amount of time you spend on your work’financial impact of your new contract You can use it to work, learn, relax, play sports, etc., and you are less likely to be terminated again.

The rate is the main criterion you have to evaluate. Typically, you will have the’printout’have an interesting contract. However, it is not necessary to’It is not uncommon for these contracts to have hidden fees that, in practice, increase in cost the overall cost of your insurance (d’where the’interest of the online comparator or broker). Also, avoid declaring a turnover’business forecast too high.

In addition, you must consider the guarantees offered. Here, focus on the safeguards that you really need, and that are specific to your business. This means that you can’analyze your needs in detail.

Some insurers are alarmist and offer you optional coverages sometimes useless. They increase the cost of your decennial insurance.

Finally, take into account the exclusions of guarantees and correctly detail all your activities. Choose a reliable online or physical insurer, which offers tailor-made contracts for terminated manufacturers.