3 apps to save time

3 apps to save time

It is well known that it is impossible to buy time directly. Nevertheless, some simple habits can allow you to be more productive, and therefore save time. You can then use it to work, learn, relax, play sports, etc.

In this article, you will discover four applications that can save you time.

Rescuetime: identify where you are wasting time and block the sites of your choice.

The first step to saving time is to identify where you are wasting the most time. The Rescuetime application is designed to do just that. It is indeed meant to show you where your time online is spent.

This can lead to surprises: you may find that you spend much more time than you thought on social networks, YouTube, doing non-productive research, etc.

Having an app to manage your bank accounts can also save you time. For example, you can use the FLOA bank application.

Once you have identified the least productive and most time-consuming sites and activities, you can take the necessary actions to remedy them, and replace them with something you find more interesting. Rescuetime also allows you to choose sites to block for a defined period of time.

Trello : manage your projects with ease.

Trello aims to make it easier to organize your tasks and facilitate collaboration. It allows you to display your projects via pinned lists on virtual bulletin boards. The objective is to make visible the list and the importance of the tasks to do, so that the organization goes as well as possible.

All lists are made up of different cards that can indicate ideas, things to do, or goals.

Comments, attachments, tags and checklists can be added to the cards by collaborators, so that everyone can be aware of the progress, new information to know about the project.

Pocket: free your mind.

Pocket allows you to save items for later reading. While working, you can sometimes come across articles you would like to read. If you read them all, you may not get ahead in your work. On the other hand, you might be afraid to forget to read them, so make a conscious effort to remember their titles. Unfortunately, it takes up space in your brain, thus considerably reducing your productivity.

Pocket allows you to avoid this situation.