How to increase your productivity by optimizing your workspace

How to increase productivity by optimizing your workspace ?

To optimize a workspace, start by organizing and tidying it up. This can reduce stress levels, while boosting morale.

De-cluttering your workspace helps improve team productivity. In addition, this initiative leads to focus on professional goals. Clutter leads irreparably to distraction and waste of time.

Here are some tips for a better organized workspace.

Buy furniture to match the activity

You should organize the meeting rooms and offices, taking into account their utility and the business operation. A meeting room welcomes employees and collaborators. They can also receive external visitors such as partners and customers. In this case, a more formal layout is needed.

You need to buy the right furniture. On Frankel, there is no lack of ideas.

To furnish a given office or room, it is necessary to know its capacity (number of people it can accommodate). This information allows you to determine the equipment that is really necessary in this room. These are for example the video projector, the big screen, the table, the chairs and the board.

Sketch the layout and take care of the decoration

Sketch the layout and take care of the decoration

The office, like the home, needs a space plan before it can be furnished. This will make it easier to install the furniture successfully. How to arrange the different objects that make up the room ? This question should be answered before purchasing the computer tools and lighting for the room.

All the details must be taken into account from the presence of the electrical outlets to the various connections.

In order to ensure the comfort It is recommended that the employees respect the distances between the furniture and the walls of the room. With this in mind, you might as well opt for ergonomic chairs that allow you to remain comfortable without taking up too much space. At Frankel, it is possible to find pieces corresponding to these expectations.

In addition, the furniture characterizing the meeting room must be practical and of optimal quality. To optimize storage, it is recommended to install cabinets which will be placed along the wall. Always with a view to improving storage, it is advisable to put up chests to store under the tables.

The decoration is not left out. To be productive, it is necessary to work in a nicely decorated space. The choice of the decor must be based on the constraints listed in the space.

The offices must reflect the values of the company.

Choose trendy furniture for the work space

Designing a workspace is like decorating the interior of a house. It is necessary to follow the trend of the last years. Among the specialists in office design, including Frankel, there are many pieces of equipment at the top of the sales list.

They allow to better structure the work space.

Thus, the tobacconists are invited to opt for the acoustic panels which reduce the noise and optimize the sound comfort. This concept is to be preferred for the open space. The employees will then keep their productivity.

The device is installed on the ceiling to reduce ambient noise by 40%.

You also have desks on wheels that serve to simplify the daily life of the employee.

Upcycling is to use old furniture to improve the use of the workspace. It consists in using wooden logs, a ping-pong table or armchairs. However, it is necessary to pay attention to not to overload the space.

It is also possible to use acoustic booths to allow employees to isolate themselves and take advantage of a room at their disposal. These soundproof bubbles are also perfect for open spaces.

It is still possible to make a plan for your officeTo create custom-made furniture. This anticipates waste (and reduces it as much as possible) and optimizes the space in the office. Such a choice is also a guarantee of a successful decoration.

Certainly, when ordering a shelf or other storage furniture, it is possible to customize it at will and choose between different materials and colors. As mentioned, it is best to order furniture with dimensions that match the size of the workspace. The tables and chairs must allow you to work without being too imposing.

Thus, employees will have the advantage of working in a 100% original space. They do not risk losing productivity.