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How to get a job in the marketing industry ?

The marketing field attracts many job seekers – it is a creative and constantly evolving environment. Salaries can rise quickly for those with talent, and contracts are often flexible. The idea also appeals to you ? Then discover our guide on how to find

What you need to know to get into marketing

Of course, to land your dream marketing job, it’s important to have enough experience in the field relevant skills. For some, that translates into a marketing degree: in a communications and marketing college or in business school

For others, it may be expertise gained in self-taught, or through previous jobs and internships. In fact, some young graduates of universities that are not directly related to marketing still manage to enter this sector by learning the practices of the field by themselves. This is especially true for the digital marketing

Web marketing is : Googles Ads, Instagram, Facebook, blogs, SEO, etc. In recent years, companies are increasingly spending the majority of their budget on this type of marketing materials marketing channels’acquisition and no longer in the traditional marketing

And the good news is that this new advertising environment is open to talent. It’s up to you to learn what SEO, targeting, optimization, branding, inbound marketing means and start looking for a marketing job.

Applying for a marketing job

Now that you’re confident enough to get into the marketing industry, all you have to do is decide exactly what job exactly you are aiming for: SEO copywriter, marketing director, content manager, brand manager, etc. There are a multitude of jobs in marketing.

If you have a degree or a prior marketing experience, you probably know which job is best for you. If you’re just starting out, focus first on jobs that will primarily bring you new skills and will teach you the secrets of the trade. For example, writer for marketing content, or community manager

Once you know exactly what job you want, you can start applying. For this, you need a good CV, a personalized cover letter and a lot of drive.

With these in hand, you can go to platforms such as LinkedIn or Indeed and filter your marketing job search. It’s up to you to decide if you want to start with the marketing start-ups, or directly the big agencies, or the private companies needing marketers.

Apply for a marketing job

Write a resume and cover letter to get a marketing job

The perfect CV, opening the doors to the world of marketing, must resemble the advertising sector: be creative, innovative, clear, and contain a precise message. In order to convince the trade, you need to “sell” yourself. You can do this by following some real expert advice on resumes, and by (almost) letting your creativity run wild.

Find the element that makes you truly unique and build your resume around of this particularity. For example, it may be your wide range of languages, or your experience in a recognized company. You have a blog or Instagram account with thousands of followers ? Make it your point.

The main thing, as you have understood, is to create a brand, a slogan, a message. And make sure the recruiter remembers it.

As for a good advertising, the visual part also counts. It goes without saying that you need to take care of the appearance of your resume. Choose your colors and font carefully, add a professional photo of yourself, use graphics. Make it easy to understand and consistent.

Again, create a real brand appearance.

A CV as well thought out as this will quickly interest recruiters. They will then be ready to move on to the cover letter. Match it to your CV: use the same font and color code.

Then, really take the time for the personalize. Don’t give in to the temptation to send the same cover letter to every job offer. Write a new letter each time, including information about the company you want to join and about your personal qualities which are in line with the values of the company.

The biggest investment you can make when looking for a job is your time 5G: time to learn the essential marketing skills, time to find the job that really suits you, time to compose a successful cover letter and CV.