5 ways to use a projector in your classroom

5 ways to using a video projector in your classroom

The video projector is now used as an ICTE (Information and Communication Technology) tool’How to use a projector in your classroom’teaching). From primary to secondary, this device makes it easier to promote your website’learning knowledge as well as the presentation of various course materials. Interactive models maximize student participation through games, exercises, etc. How to use a video projector in your classroom ?

Project images and videos with the video projector

Video projectors are computer materials that allow you to make a profit’What image is less clear than a multimedia output on a whiteboard, a wall, a screen, etc. You have the choice between making presentations with a portable projector or a model connected by cable. In fact, some wireless projectors These tools can be placed on a table, fixed on the wall or mounted on the ceiling of a shop’a classroom.

You also have models with several inputs (audio, composite video, USB, HDMI, etc.)…). What’In any case, make sure that the video projector is used in the classroomôHow to use a projector in your classroom’other classroom tools such as computers, cameras, printers and DVD players.

The whole class can see the image’You can project the image or video on the medium of your choice. Illustrations are a must in order to help students understand the lessons’help students better understand lessons, whatever the subject being studied. Video projectors are offered in different technologies: DLP, LCD and LCoS. DLP (Digital light processing) technology offers a good capacity of brightness, but the’s image is less clear than a video’with a LCD (Liquid crystal display) model. The latter displays a more natural rendering of images, but brief flashes of color may appear because of the limited number of pixels.

The LCoS (Liquid crystal on silicon) technology combines the best of both.

Use the projector as a digital whiteboard

The interactive projector is very popular in classrooms, because it makes it easy to use Digital whiteboard office. To install it, you need to connect it to a desktop or laptop computer via a VGA or HDMI connection. If you have chosen a wireless model, simply connect the two devices by going to the PC settings. L’screen of the’The computer will be displayed on the surface of the board or wall to make it tactile.

Choose a video projector with a digital display’Use speakers to output sound directly from the computer’device.

The interactive surface s’The projector can also be used for fingerprinting or with a stylus. C’It is mainly adults who use the stylus, like a computer mouse. On the other hand, in order to give students the same feeling as when they are learning a new language, the school can also take advantage of these events in order to give them the opportunity to learn a new language’If they go to the blackboard, we recommend the use of the fingers’use of fingers. For example, young children can learn to write by following the outline of a consonant or a letter’a consonant or a word’a vowel. Primary school students learn in a playful way slightly more difficult topics such as conjugation and grammar.

As for middle and high school students, they can solve mathematical operations together, for example, by working together at the board. Indeed, some tactile video projectors are multi-touch and can be manipulated simultaneously by 10 fingers.

Display presentations and reports

In addition to simple images and videos, course materials can also be presented in the form of digital documentation. In order to’illustrate a particular subject, teachers have the opportunity to creating a slide show or an interactive program. This means that children are more likely to master the format used in some educational puzzles’Quizzes are used to test students' foreign language skills, or to measure their knowledge at the end of an exercise on a single medium.

Middle and high school students will be able to retrieve these documents on the storage medium of their choice (USB key, CD, DVD, etc.)…) at the end of the course. This allows them to note only the’This means they can collect essential text and instructions in their notebooks and focus on the information presented on the big screen. Parents will be pleased that their children have a video projector lighter binders, and do not get lost in the paper textbooks.

Presenting reports on the video projector also allows teachers to understand each other quickly during meetings. This way, instead of getting lost in physical presentations, they will be able to save time and move forward on the topics.

Show student work on the big screen

Parents can also take advantage of the many benefits of’a school video projector. Teachers report on progress and raise awareness of the goals to be achieved at various events. During’For example, a parent-teacher evening, the’The school can film the educational work of some students and present it on a large screen.

These œworks range from writing to drawings and cover all disciplines.

L’In order to give students the same feeling as when they are learning a new language, the school can also use these events to make a presentation of the new language’school, its activities, its projects… To go even further, they can also ask psychologists or associations to help them’intervening in the classroom’a parent-teacher meeting’students. These guests will be able to share their experience and illustrate their advice through digital presentations.

Educational games and videos for students with a video projector

Still in the’optics of’encourage students to participate in lessons, teachers They can also organize games using a video projector as a support. Smartphone technology and the’The accessibility of social networks makes classic games such as puzzle even more popular. This means that children are likely to master the format used in some educational puzzles.

Quizzes are widely used to test students' foreign language skills, or to assess their knowledge at the end of a course’a class. L’s use’An interactive video projector is a good idea if you want to organize games in your classroom. You can opt for a wall projection and have one or more students stand at the board.

You also have the possibility to project the questions or puzzles on the floor or on a table in order to gather a group of people’students.

The projection of games on a large screen also gives students with disabilities the chance to participate. Those with motor impairments will have a larger area to draw on. The visually impaired will also find their happiness through an enlarged representation of the map’a drawing, d’a document, etc.